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About the owner, after 15 yrs in the airline catering industry traveling the globe trying different cuisines, she decided to trade in her wings for wheels to bring her hometown one of her all-time favorite foods - Poke.

Poke is a staple of most Hawaiian homes gracing their plates daily and on special occasions. What is Poke? It is a raw fish dish cubed and marinated in a sauce or left naked mixed with ingredients such as sweet onions, seaweed, and scallions. Sometimes mixed with a host of other ingredients and topped with delicious sauces. The fish is typically tuna but works well also with salmon and tofu, yes tofu yum.

At Da Poke Wagon you will have the choice of a preselected list of ingredients or customized to your favorites. Served on a base of white/brown rice or salad. You really can't go wrong.

There is really nothing quite like it. Hope you enjoy! Mahalo.

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Ashley Vemmer - KC Eats - The Best Poke
Amazing Review Da Poke Wagon
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Da Poke Wagon Review
Da Poke Wagon Review
Da Poke Wagon Review
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Da Poke Wagon Review
Excellent Review Da Poke Wagon.jpg

If you're in the Des Moines area, check out Street Eats DSM

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